Multi Filler Plastic Reinforcement Use in combination with Fast Bonding Rescue Glue, then spray accelerator for faster results Turns into chemical welding in seconds For reinforcing parts with poor contact Fills cracks on metals, plastics, fiberglass and any non-flexible materials Waterproof and paintable


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Wood: Furniture making & repair, architectural models, picture frame making & repair, musical instruments, antique restoration, wood-turning, wood refinishing

Plastic/Rubber/Ceramics: Sign making repair, electrical component manufacturing, wire tracking, dental models, bridge works repair, cement dowel pins into models, seal models & dies, porcelain facings, protect margins & harden surfaces, popped veneers, shock absorber systems,

Manufacturing/repair, Computer calculator manufacturing and repair, Display cases manufacturing and repair, Auto dashboard repair and rubber door moldings, Pool equipment manufacturing/repair, Permanent tubing couplings

Leather: Shoe repair, Auto upholstery, Luggage manufacturing/repair, Belt manufacturing/repair, Equestrian-Sporting goods Manufacturing/repair

Composites: Fiberglass, Kevlar, phenolic, graphite, etc.

Fiberglass auto body repair, Motorcycle fairing manufacturing and repair, Surfboard manufacturing and repair, Wetsuit manufacturing and repair

Metal/Minerals/Gems: Bonding parts temporarily for machining, turning or grinding, Thread locking, Jewelry manufacturing/repair, Solidifying soft stones and petrified wood for cutting and polishing, Knife making


IT CAN CAUSE SEVERE EYE INJURY. INSTANTLY BONDS TO SKIN. Bonded skin should be peeled apart using soap and warm water. In case of eye contact, flush with copious quantities of water and seek medical attention.