Rescue Glue is instant bond for porous and non porous materials, just by just using the right viscosity. 1 oz Water proof, one component Solvent free Long lasting Does not expand as it cures, there’s usually no need to clamp your bond It can be used for dentistry, automobile, aerospace, electronics, medical, military Want to try another size? 1 Oz Thick Formula 2 Oz Thick Formula 8 Oz Thick


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Rescue Glue is an acrylic resin which polymerize rapidly in traces of moisture and absence of air, forming long, strong chains, joining the surfaces together on a molecular level; thus, creating a very strong bond that’s nearly impossible to break apart.

Thick Formula

For porous surfaces, specially formulated to adhere virtually any tape of porous surfaces, or when parts are loose fitting. Using in combination with the Booster turns into acrylic plastic for filling gaps or reinforce pieces with little contact. The thick formula has slower bonding and takes several minutes for curing, and then you can move the pieces around and just press them for several minutes or use the accelerator.  

Rescue Glue Uses:

 Wood: Furniture making & repair, architectural models, picture frame making & repair, musical instruments, antique restoration, wood-turning, wood refinishing

 Plastic/Rubber/Ceramics: Sign making  repair, electrical component manufacturing, wire tracking, dental models, bridge works repair, cement dowel pins into models, seal models & dies, porcelain facings, protect margins & harden surfaces, popped veneers, shock absorber systems, Manufacturing/repair, Computer calculator manufacturing and repair, Display cases manufacturing and repair, Auto dashboard repair and rubber door moldings, Pool equipment manufacturing/repair, Permanent tubing couplings

Leather: Shoe repair, Auto upholstery, Luggage manufacturing/repair, Belt manufacturing/repair, Equestrian-Sporting goods Manufacturing/repair

Composites: Fiberglass, Kevlar, phenolic, graphite, etc.

Fiberglass auto body repair, Motorcycle fairing manufacturing and repair, Surfboard manufacturing and repair, Wetsuit manufacturing and repair

Metal/Minerals/Gems: Bonding parts temporarily for machining, turning or grinding, Thread locking, Jewelry manufacturing/repair, Solidifying soft stones and petrified wood for cutting and polishing, Knife making.

Thick Formula:

Adheres to any type of absorbent material, or when the parts do not have good contact. It is used in combination with the accelerator to form acrylic plastic. To fill small voids or reinforce pieces with little contact. Thick Formula is slow drying and takes several minutes; therefore it provides time to arrange the pieces to a specific position, or you can use the accelerator to obtain a faster result.


1. Remove oil, old glue and excess water

2. Apply the glue to a single surface

3. Arrange the pieces in the right place

4. Apply pressure for several seconds for Fast Bonding or use Accelerator for Thick Formula.

Keep out of reach of children

The user must take the necessary precautions and is responsible for the results.


For difficult-to-bond materials, use on one surface and Thick Formula on the opposite surface for immediate result. For the rear view mirror, press for 30 seconds and do it in the afternoon, letting it dry overnight before putting the mirror on. To fill holes, cracks or rebuild gaps, use the Industrial Multi-Filler, and apply drops of Fast Bonding Glue over it. Let dry to sand, drill or paint.